Frank Morgan

Frank Morgan is of the Salt Clan, born for Yucca Fruit People. His maternal grandfathers are Ledge of Mountain Clan and paternal grandfathers are Manygoats Clan. Mr. Morgan grew up in the Four Corners area on a farm and sheep ranch. He is a Navajo raised in the traditional way of life.

Mr. Morgan went to a BIA school and public school. He studied at the University of New Mexico, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and Fort Lewis College. His studies led to an ethnographic research career in which his knowledge of Navajo culture and language became his primary means in his work. Mr. Morgan is a translator, interpreter, curriculum writer, health educator, and organizational trainer. He believes that everyone should know how to speak, read and write his or her traditional language. Through the knowing of one’s traditional language can personal identity, strength and stability be instilled.